Share of Cost, Simple, sensitive, and cost-effective assays for analyzing fragile X

Sunday, Dec. 11th 2016 7:00 AM

Tests useful for preclinical and clinical research on a genetic mutation related to autism and intellectual disability may become more available, reports The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

Fragile X syndrome, the most common heritable cause of intellectual disability and a frequent cause of autism, is characterized by abnormalities of the FMR1 gene that are difficult to analyze. Preclinical studies of Fragile X and the Fragile X””related disorders are hampered by the lack of low-cost and sensitive yet simple methods. National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers have now developed a set of assays that are robust, cheap enough for routine research use, and may be suitable for initial patient screening, according to a new report in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

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