Share of Cost – Dental Insurance and Claims

Thursday, Dec. 12th 2019 4:00 PM

Question: I have a really good dental insurance plan. However, when I go to the dentist they bill me almost as much as my dental insurance company is paying. I never get any of my money back either. Some people tell me that the dental office I am going to seems to be dishonest where as other people say this is very typical and that dental work is very expensive. How would I know if the dental office is ripping me off or not. Should I just go to a different dental office?

Answer: It is hard to say without knowing the total cost of the services render and how your dentist is filing the claims. First I would suggest find out what your total cost are for you dental care services. How can you know what your true cost is, if you do not know the total billing amount. If you still believe the dentist is not correctly charging you, then call your insurance company to verify the facts. See what your insurance company as paid out. Sometimes they pay less then what your are thinking they did. If it shows that your dentist is over charging address the issue with the dental office first. Mistakes do happen and you want to at least clear up the matter with little hassle as possible.

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