Share of Cost – Dental Fears

Thursday, Apr. 13th 2023 10:13 AM

Don’t Ditch The Dentist Because of Dental Fears

We know it can be hard to keep your dental appointment when dealing with dental fears. However, dental fears can be addressed so you do not have to defer needed dental care. Here are some tips that may help

1) Talk to the dentist and let him/her know about your dental fears. Your dentist will know how to address and talk to you about your fears so you can feel better and more relaxed about having dental services render.

2) Listen to music. It may help you to relax while having dental services render to listen to your favorite songs. The dentist can tap you on the arm if he/she needs your attention for a second.

3) Have full understanding of the dental services needed. The more you know about what you are going to have done the more you can relax. It is the fear of the unknown that can stress you out.

4) Book extra time for your dental appointment so you are not feeling rushed and if you need a brake the dentist will be able to give that to you without worry about running late for the next appointment.

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