Share of Cost, Root Canal, What to Do Next?

Friday, May. 11th 2018 6:13 AM

Question: I had a root canal done on one of my back molars. The root canal was done about two months ago. I was to go back in for the crown so I only had a temp crown on. That came off a month latter. Since my appointment to go back was next month I did nothing about it. Now when I was eating something part of tooth with the root canal broke off. My appoint is another week away. The dentist was going to put the new crown on. What will he do now? Will I still get my crown?

Answer: First I would call your dentist and see if you can get in sooner then latter. Weather or not he/she can put the crown on will depend on how much of the tooth you broke off. That why it is important to see the dentist sooner so you avoide braking off more of the remaining tooth

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