Share of Cost, Medical remedies for fire ants

Thursday, Nov. 3rd 2016 6:21 AM

Breathing difficulties, changes in consciousness, severe swelling, and similar symptoms within an hour of the bite require emergency medical care. Emergency treatment with epinephrine can reverse the reaction.

After an anaphylactic reaction to fire ants, some doctors recommend carrying an EpiPen. These home devices inject epinephrine immediately after a bite. They can be life-saving in the event of another allergic reaction, or when a reaction occurs in an area where medical help is not close by.

If the symptoms of a fire ant bite don’t go away after a few days, medical treatment may be necessary. This is also the case if there is swelling, intense pain, or spreading redness on the skin. Depending on the cause of the symptoms, a doctor may recommend hydrocortisone cream or hydrocortisone injections. Infected bites may require antibiotics.

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