Fluoride Supplements and Who Needs Them

Friday, May. 15th 2015 6:07 AM

Children between six months and sixteen years old should take fluoride supplements if:     They do not drink water fluoridated to optimum levels.   They also are at high risk of cavities (caries/tooth decay) Fluoride supplements are available as liquids for younger children and tablets for older children. Either your pediatrician or your dentist can prescribe them.

If your child has had cavities or is at high risk of tooth decay, he or she should use extra fluoride. This will promote remineralization. Fluoride mouth rinses are recommended for children over the age of six. They are found in the mouthwash section of most stores.  Your dentist can prescribe fluoride rinses and gels if your child needs a higher level of fluoride. Carefully supervise your children when they use any fluoride product. Keep fluoride out of reach of young children.

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