Share of Cost, Additional Information on Baby Teeth.

Saturday, Jan. 31st 2015 9:08 AM

Making sure you take proper care of your child’s baby teeth is very important, as these teeth help reserve the space for their adult teeth.  Here are is some additional facts about your child’s baby teeth.

* If your child baby tooth decays or is removed too soon, the space necessary for their adult teeth is loss and can only be regained though orthodontic treatment.

* Decaying and infected baby teeth can cause their permanent adult teeth to develop improperly, resulting in stains, pits and weaker teeth.

* Your child baby teeth also serves to helps speech development and aid in chewing food properly.

* Generally children begin losing their baby teeth around ages five or six and continue to lose baby teeth until the age of twelve and thirteen. With the exception of third molars (wisdom teeth) which begin to appear around age seventeen to twenty-one.

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