Share of Cost, Rotten Baby Teeth

Saturday, Aug. 1st 2015 6:16 AM

Question: When a baby cut a tooth can that tooth  come through rotten?   My friend baby is just getting her teeth in and her teeth are already getting bad . She does not know why this is happening.  Can her baby just be born with bad teeth?  If so can they be fixed. ?  Just wanting to be able to get her some information that may be helpful to her.

Answer: You may want to suggest to your friend to see a pediatric dentist. A pediatric dentist specialize in baby dental care. She may want to check with the dentist to see if the baby has baby bottle tooth decay(BBTD). A toddler can develop BBTD when the baby has prolonged contact with almost any liquid other than water.   Things your friend my want to avoid is letting her baby sleep with a baby bottle, or letting the child have a baby bottle when she is not feeding. These are examples of how a baby can get BBTD. Baby bottle tooth decay is one way for a baby to have bad or rotten teeth.

However, check with the dentist to confirm.  Another reason for bad baby teeth can be that the teeth do not have the enamel that would normally protect the teeth from decay. This too is something your friend can ask her dentist about. If that is a causing factor see about having sealants. Sealant would then help protect the teeth in question.

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