Share of Cost and Low Cost Dental Insurance

Thursday, Nov. 28th 2019 3:38 AM

Question: I am over my income level by $10.00. I really do not want to spend more then I have to. I was told if I spend at least $10.00 on dental insurance this would help my SOC yet I only seeing dental insurance cost at a starting point of around $45.00 I looking a low cost plan cause I don’t have that much money to spend a month

Answer: With your budget in mind for a dental insurance plan, I would suggest reviewing our dental HMO insurance options as our HMO would fit into your budget we have dental HMO plans $12.95 which is over the $10.00 but not to much over. Please call our office (310-534-3444) it you like to get that started or if you have questions

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