Share of Cost, Dental Insurance Facts

Thursday, Jun. 15th 2017 5:01 AM

It is important to know how dental insurance works and how it help you save money. Here are a few facts to think about when buying dental insurance so you buy the right plan for you and or you and your family.

1) Dental insurance is not designed to pay 100% of all dental services render. Dental insurance is designed to help aid you in the cost of dental services, there by making dental care more affordable.

2) Not all dental insurance coverages are the same.  Some plans pay out by percentages up to UCR whereas other plans provide a fee schedule for dental services covered, stating the amount you pay for each service.  It is up to you to read the plans terms and conditions to understand the plans benefits.

3) Generally PPO’s or Indemnity insurance plans base their coverages by percentages up to UCR rates. Such as 80% paid for basic dental services up to what is Usual, Customary & Reasonable. UCR is the common term for fee guidelines insurance companies use to pay claims. UCR guidelines were put in place to help control dental inflation.  Generally with PPOs plans when you stay with in the plans network of providers you have a lower risk of having UCR fees.

4) Most dental insurance plans provide coverages for routine dental services. However that is not always the case when it comes to cosmetic dental care treatment. If you are wanting cosmetic dental care make sure the dental insurance plan you are buying covers those types of dental services or you may want to review dental discount plans that can provide up to 20% off cosmetic dental care services

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