Getting guns out of Chicago

Saturday, Jan. 1st 2011 6:36 AM

A critical part of the Chicago gun control debate is why so many weapons were
already in the city before handguns became legal to carry this month. The Chicago Tribune’s Becky Schlikerman reports one successful instance of the city teaming up
with the FBI to seize 60 unregistered and illegal guns from 25 city residents.
The FBI and Chicago Police Department arrested suspects who were going to use
guns for an armed robbery to get cocaine — but the FBI says the sting was about
guns, not drugs.

The Supreme Court effectively ended Chicago’s 28 year-old gun ban last month. The Chicago City Council
subsequently passed
a law that allows a resident with a clean record to purchase one handgun a month. It is not clear how many guns are in Chicago or how far such police work can go in seizing unregistered guns. But this kind of coordinated federal/local action is increasingly important since Chicago has no money to hire more police officers.

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