Can I buy a Medigap policy if I lose my health care coverage?

Monday, Mar. 28th 2011 6:06 AM

Because you may have a guaranteed issue right to buy a Medigap policy, make sure you keep the following: • A copy of any letters, notices, e-mails, and/or claim denials that have your name on them as proof of your coverage being terminated • The postmarked envelope these papers come in as proof of when it was mailed You may need to send a copy of some or all of these papers with your Medigap application to prove you have a guaranteed issue right. You can apply for a Medigap policy while you’re still in your health plan, but your Medigap coverage can only start after your health plan coverage ends.

This will prevent breaks in your health coverage. For more information If you have any questions or want to learn about any additional Medigap rights in your state, you can do the following: • Call your State Health Insurance Assistance Program to make sure that you qualify for these guaranteed issue rights.  • Call your State Insurance Department if you’re denied Medigap coverage in any of these situations.

Important: The guaranteed issue rights in this section are from Federal law. These rights are for both Medigap and Medicare SELECT policies. Many states provide additional Medigap rights. There may be times when more than one of the situations. When this happens, you can choose the guaranteed issue right that gives you the best choice. Some of the situations include loss of coverage under Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). PACE combines medical, social, and long-term care services, and prescription drug coverage for frail people. To be eligible for PACE, you must meet certain conditions. PACE may be available in states that have chosen it as an optional Medicaid benefit. If you have Medicaid, an insurance company can sell you a Medigap policy only in certain situations. For more information about PACE, call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048. Section 3: Your Right to Buy a Medigap Policy

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