Share of Cost, Seniors Should Seek Out Affordable Dental Care.

Friday, Dec. 5th 2014 9:09 AM

If you have a dental PPO insurance plan, preventive care such as dental exams X-rays and basic cleaning is normally covered at around 80 – 100 percent depending on how long you may of had the plan.  If you are beyond your plans waiting periods and are having major dental services, make sure to ask for an estimate of costs so you will be prepared for any out-of-pocket expenses. A lower cost dental insurance plan with fewer limitations would be an HMO dental insurance plan. HMO dental plans are normally fee base and therefore you know your cost before having dental work done.

If you do not have dental insurance, dental offices will sometimes have payment plans for care or offer discounts for cash payments. You may also want to look into a low cost dental discount plan that also helps to reduce your dental care cost.

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