What does the dentist do for your baby first appointment

Thursday, Aug. 13th 2015 3:44 AM

Question: My son is a year old and he now has four teeth. I will be taking him in for his first dental appointment.  I am already being told that I should have taking sooner.  So now I want to have some idea as to what is the first dental would be like.  What dose the dentist do? What kind of questions should I ask? Any advice would help.

Answer: During the exam, the dentist will check your child’s existing teeth for decay, examine your child’s bite, and look for any potential problems with the gums, jaw, and oral tissues. If indicated, the dentist or hygienist will clean any teeth and assess the need for fluoride. He or she will also educate parents about oral health care basics for children and discuss dental developmental issues and answer any questions.

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