Share of Cost, If You Loose A Permanent Tooth

Sunday, Oct. 9th 2016 10:40 AM

Either Due To An Accident Or Tooth Decay

There is not much medically that can be done to replace the missing tooth. If it is lost due to an accident, and the tooth is recovered quickly enough, you can sometimes have it reattached, but often too much time passes between the loss of the tooth and getting the person to a doctor or dentist. Often, the only choice for those who need to replace a tooth is a dental implant.

Dental implants are artificial roots for a tooth that is placed in your mouth and attached to a replacement tooth or a bridge. They do not rest on other teeth to support the replacement tooth, but rather are rooted into the gums. They are extremely naturalistic, and those who receive dental implants often do not even notice a difference in their oral function after the surgery has healed.

Dental implants are a great substitute for dentures and bridge work. They are secure, and do not feel or look fake. The only problem with the procedure is the high dental implant cost. That is where dental insurance for implants comes into play.


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