Toothache Pain No Dental Insurance

Sunday, Jul. 9th 2017 6:08 AM

Question: I have a really bad toothache pain in one of my back molars. I have been babying it for some time but I can not take the pain any more. I do not have and current dental insurance and I looking for a plan that will starts like right away, so that I can see the dentist about this terrible pain.

Answer: At this time for your current toothache pain you may want to look at a dental discount plan since those types of dental plans normally will start within the next business day. At least that way you will be able to see a plan dentist ASAP and get the discounted saving on having your tooth fixed. Depending on the enrollment date of an HMO plan if you can put off your dental care until the first of the following month you may want to look into a HMO dental insurance plan. HMO’s normally do not have waiting periods or dollar maximum limits. You should be able to find an HMO that does offers free office visits, X-rays, and cleaning’s, that alone is going to really save you money.

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