Looking for Free Dental Care

Monday, Aug. 7th 2017 6:48 AM

 Question: I looking for free to very low cost dental care help for my 2 year old son. I do not need to take him to a dentist right now, however I currently do not have any benefits for dental care and since I am a low income I get some state aid but not for dental.  Where can I take my son for free to really low cost dental care?

Answer: For free dental care you would need to see when they are running the programs for free dental care. You can find that on the American Dental Association web site they will normally have dates listed. You may also want to look into going to any local dental schools they will normally charge you based on what you can afford to pay. In addition I also suggest reviewing our HMO insurance plans or our dental discount plans as these are low cost dental plans that will help to greatly reduce your dental care cost.

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