Share of Cost, Food Intolerance’s or Allergies

Sunday, Apr. 1st 2018 6:00 AM

For some people they can have an intolerance to certain foods, which means that your body has difficult time digesting them.

Some food intolerance’s can cause a person to feel nauseated after eating.

Food intolerance’s do not involve the immune system but can cause nausea hours after the food is eaten. Common sources of food intolerance’s include:

* foods that contain lactose, such as dairy products
* gluten, such as most grains
* foods that cause intestinal gas, such as beans or cabbage

Food allergies occur when the body mistakenly identifies proteins found in certain foods to be a threat, triggering an immune system response.

Nausea caused by a food allergy can occur seconds or minutes after eating. It is often accompanied by a host of other symptoms, such as swelling to the face or lip and difficulties breathing or swallowing. These types of reactions are emergencies and require immediate medical attention.

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