Share of Cost, Dental Exam for Seniors and What They Can Expect.

Monday, Jul. 9th 2018 6:28 AM

If you are a senior going in for dental check up, if you are new patient to the dental office or if you have not been to your dentist in over a year or more expect to conduct a thorough history and dental exam. Questions that may be asked can include:

1) The approximate date of your last dental visit and the reason for the visit.
2) If you notice any recent changes within your mouth
3) If you have notice any loose or sensitive teeth since your last dental visit.
4) If you had any difficulty in tasting, chewing of swallowing
5) If you since your last dental visit notice any pain, discomfort, sores, or bleeding in you mouth
6) If you have notice any lump, bump or swelling in your mouth.

7) The dentist will also go over any health issues that can effect your dental and oral health as well as want to know any medication you are currently on.

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