Share of Cost – Dental Health Services

Saturday, Feb. 8th 2020 5:56 AM

Dental Health Services, Share of Cost California Dental Plan Review — The Dental Health Services Super SmartSmile HMO Dental Plan. As the subscriber, you may enroll yourself, your spouse (unless legally separated) or your domestic partner, and/or unmarried dependent children who are under 19 years of age. Children 19 years of age and over are eligible if: The child is unmarried and a full-time student solely dependent upon subscriber for support, and is under 23 years of age; or the child is and continues to be both (1) incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of a mental disability, including but not limited to, mental illness or a physical disability or a combination of those disabilities and (2) chiefly dependent upon the subscriber or member for support and maintenance. There are no deductibles and no yearly limits on most services, and there are no claim forms to fill out. Your savings are in place when you visit network dentist. You just show up for your dental appointment and make your copayment – what could be easier? The dentists must meet the Plan’s standard of quality and service.

All have agreed to provide dental care at a low cost available only to its members. There is no waiting period for your dental services to begin, many pre-existing dental conditions are covered and best of all, the dental plan services start the first day of next month if the company receives your mail-in application by the 10th of this month. Review the sample schedule below and see how easy it is for you or your entire family to enjoy these quality dental services.

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