Can a nursing home resident give away their income, or does it need to be spent on medically necessary care? Let us say a person is in a nursing home and wants to give their grandchild $50 for their birthday. Can they do that?

Monday, Nov. 16th 2020 5:43 AM

There is currently no transfer of income penalty in California. However, a nursing home resident’s income must be used to meet their SOC, or Medi-Cal will pay for NO services during that month. The nursing home resident is allowed only $35 for personal needs. It is fine if he/she wants to give their $35 away, but then there will be nothing for personal needs unless the individual wants to dip into their $2,000 property reserve. Funds from their $2,000 property reserve may also be given away without penalty. When funds are used from the $2,000 property reserve, the reserve can be increased the following month to the $2,000 limit

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