If a Medi-Cal applicant’s spouse transfers assets, will that result in any period of ineligibility for nursing home care?

Thursday, Nov. 26th 2020 5:31 AM

Generally, California will not impose any period of ineligibility for nursing home care on the applicant if his or her spouse previously transferred assets. The exception is if the asset/resource transferred originally belonged to the applicant. In that case, a disqualification period will be imposed if the spouse received the assets from the applicant before the applicant went into the nursing home and then transferred them to a third party. This is because the Medi-Cal rules differ for a “community spouse” and an “individual spouse”. If the spouses wait until one of them goes into the nursing home, the spouse will be a “community spouse”. Then a transfer of property from the spouse in the nursing home to the community spouse that is then transferred to a third party, does not trigger any period of ineligibility

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