Are the assets identified in a pre-nuptial agreement disregarded for the purpose of eligibility when an individual applies for Medi-Cal? What about estate recovery?

Saturday, Dec. 26th 2020 5:59 AM

With a prenuptial agreement, the county considers the living situation of the individual at the time of application in order to determine Medi-Cal eligibility. Let us take at look at three living situations: Example #1: Both spouses are at home. All non-exempt property over $3,000 (including assets
identified in a pre-nuptial agreement) is counted in determining Medi-Cal eligibility. Example #2: Both spouses are in board & care or only one spouse is in board & care and one remains at home or both spouses are in long-term care. The property of the non-applicant spouse that is established as separate property in the pre-nuptial agreement (as long as it remains
separate) is disregarded for purposes of establishing eligibility. Half of the community property is also disregarded.

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