Share of Cost, Federal News Digest for June 24, 2011

Friday, Nov. 9th 2012 3:40 PM

Washington Post

U.S., allies to release 60 million barrels from oil reserves – Steven Mufson and Zachary A. Goldfarb report that the U.S. will sell 30 million barrels from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next 30 days to bring down oil prices and kick-start the economy, but some in Congress say the effect will be limited and that reserves should be held for energy emergencies

Targeted HIV-testing program finds 18,000 new patients – David Brown reports on a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention program that targeted 25 cities and states to identify persons with the HIV virus who did not know they had it; the CDC’s relaxation of testing rules paved the way for the program

Where are the new obesity drugs? – Ken Fujioka, a physician who treats obese patients, says the Food and Drug Administration’s standard for approving obesity drugs is too rigid because some risks are worth the benefit to obese patients who develop life-threatening conditions

How to hire a federal watchdog – Ian Ayres, a professor at Yale, suggests that to break the logjam in Congress over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the president should appoint Elizabeth Warren under a recess appointment and simultaneously nominate Sarah Raskin who was recently confirmed as a Federal Reserve Board Governor

Michael Copps, the FCC’s voice for media democracy – Katrina vanden Heuvel highlights the latest crusade by Federal Communications Commissioner Copps to bring attention to the crisis in local news coverage which he says is a threat to democracy; Copps fought deregulation and consolidation, and is a “tenacious advocate for a public-interest approach to regulating the media” in her view

Petraeus calls CIA a “bargain” at confirmation hearing – Walter Pincus reports that nominee to head CIA, Gen. David Petraeus defended the agency’s annual budget of $6 billion at his confirmation hearing

New York Times

Consumer agency asks for definitions of nonbanks – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking for comments on non-banks that fall under its jurisdiction under the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, which defined them vaguely as larger market participants; the CFPB proposes that it regulate debt collection; consumer reporting; consumer credit and related activities; money transmitting, check cashing and related activities; prepaid cards; and debt relief services

F.T.C. is said near a move on Google – Edward Wyatt and Michael Helft report that the Federal Trade Commission is about to open an antitrust investigation of Google’s search functions and related advertising practices

Republican challenges administration on plans to override education law – Sam Dillon reports that Rep. John Kline (R-MN) the chairman of the House education committee announced plans to amend the No Child Left Behind law so that Education Secretary Duncan could no longer grant waivers to states of provisions of the law that are too difficult to meet

Wall Street Journal

Nuclear agency scientists blast bosses over Yucca decision – Ryan Tracy and Stephen Power report that scientists at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission who had worked for years on the now halted project to determine whether the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste disposal plan met NRC health and safety regulations criticized Gregory Jaczko, the NRC chairman and other senior NRC management for suppressing their views

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