Share of Cost, Understanding the Consequences Of Bad Oral Habits

Friday, Oct. 3rd 2014 9:35 AM

It is important to have good oral habits, therefore it is important to understand the consequences of having bad oral habits. Having bad oral habits can lead to bad oral hygiene over time, causing bad breath, tooth discoloration, red, swollen gums, cavities, gum disease and ultimately, tooth loss. It can affect not just your oral health, but also the following:

1) Bad oral heal can effect your chewing and speech. Dental decay will start to hurt if left untreated. Imagine grinding your food when your teeth are hurting.  Missing or broken teeth can effect the way you talk. Imagine say F and Th with out healthy front teeth.

2) Self-esteem. Now we can not speak for everyone, but having swollen gums, bad breath and stained teeth or no teeth, can indeed put a damper on ones confidence.

3) Budget/Finances:  Delaying needed dental treatment by not visiting the dentist regularly can cause more harm than good, even to your wallet. When you defer your dental treatments small dental issues that may have been address early on goes untreated and turn into larger more cost dental problems.

4) Overall Health. Many research studies has shown that gum disease is linked with health problems including heart disease, stroke, pneumonia and other systemic diseases. Bad oral health is also shown to increase the risk of pre-term delivery and low-birth-weight infants.

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