Share of Cost, Removing Tooth Stains or Spots With Microabrasion

Tuesday, Mar. 3rd 2015 6:55 AM

Microabrasion is a good option for children or teens who want to change the color of certain areas or spots on their teeth, rather than lighten the color of the whole tooth.  With microabrasion the pediatric dentist removes microscopic bits of discolored tooth enamel with an abrasive and a mild acid. Treatment usually can be completed in one visit. Microabrasion is a conservative treatment, removing little tooth structure.

The success of microabrasion to remove a spot or stain completely depends upon a number of factors, especially the type and extent of discoloration. Surprisingly, brown or dark stains are removed more readily than white ones. Microabrasion works better on surface discoloration than it does on deeper stains caused by injury or certain medications.

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