Share of Cost, Cost of Dental Fillings

Sunday, Apr. 23rd 2017 6:13 AM

Information about Cavity Fillings: types, costs, pros and cons. Disadvantages: cost more than dental amalgam, material shrinks when hardened, may leak over time. Disadvantages: Cost is similar to Composite resin, not recommended for biting surfaces and permanent teeth, could increase chance of periodontal disease. Disadvantages: conducts heat and cold, may irritate sensitive teeth, high cost, may cause wear to opposing teeth.

Disadvantages: is not tooth-colored, may cause tooth sensitivity, high cost, requires at least 2 office visits. Your dentist can help you choose which type of tooth filling is best for you based on the size of the space to be filled, aesthetics, durability of dental filling materials and dental filling costs. Patients love them because they’re more durable than most dental fillings and less costly than a dental crown.

A) Composite fillings usually cost more than dental amalgam fillings. As a basis of comparison, the cost of a dental amalgam filling will usually be on the order of about 25% to 30% less than the cost of a comparable dental composite filling. This price difference reflects the relative cost of the materials involved and the relatively greater amount of time it takes the dentist to place a white filling as compared to a dental amalgam filling.

Although costs vary across the country and by dental office, the cost of typical metal filling ranges from approximately $75 to $145 per filling, whereas a composite resin fillings range from $150 to $200 for a single surface white composite filling. Types of dental fillings, methods and costs all differ depending on the specific case and the dentist performing the procedure.

This avoids repeat dentistry and is the cost-effective option for the long term. The main disadvantage of metal fillings is the high cost of the fillings, and it requires at two visits tot eh dentist. Composite filling is most costly and most accurate dental filling material. The dental insurance company in turn provides coverage against any occurring dental costs. But since different types of fillings are better for different dental conditions, your dentist will help you decide which type of filling is right for you based on factors including the location and severity of the decay, the cost of the filling, and your insurance coverage.

But gold fillings can cost as much as 10 times more than silver amalgam fillings, and it takes more than one office visit to fit them properly. Composite Resin Tooth-Colored Fillings Aesthetics shade/color can be matched to existing teeth well suited for front teeth use Versatility in uses in addition to use as a filling material for decay, composite fillings can also be used to repair chipped, broken or worn teeth Tooth-sparing preparation less tooth structure may need to be removed compared with amalgams.

Durability may not last as long as amalgams on average Increased treatment time because of the process to apply the composite material Chipping depending on location, composite materials can chip off the tooth Expense composite fillings can cost up to twice the cost of amalgams.

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