Share of Cost, Silver Mercury Fillings

Tuesday, Apr. 11th 2017 6:41 AM

Silver mercury fillings that were placed years ago, before bonding technology, may need to be replaced to prevent fractures. Silver weakens the teeth, making them more susceptible to breaking. Silver fillings have a longer history of use than mercury-free fillings, thus some feel that they are more tried and tested.

Silver amalgams used in large class II molar restorations; invariably cause a tattoo phenomenon of permanent tooth discoloration to a violet-gray/green tinge and even brown/black tint, this is quite evident when a clinician attempts the removal, replacement or repair of a failing old silver-amalgam restoration. Silver fillings (“Amalgam”) are becoming a thing of the past.

Silver fillings the most common type of dental filling are not actually pure silver, but a combination of silver, mercury, tin and copper. Silver Amalgam is the most commonly used material in the restoration of decayed teeth in the world. Silver amalgam is a popular dental filling that has been used extensively worldwide for over 200 years.

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