SOC – Kids Dental and Their Dentist.

Monday, Dec. 16th 2019 9:25 AM

It is important to understand you dental insurance plan and to know what is covered and what may not be. There are dental insurance plans that have limitation such as yearly max dollar limits and deductibles. If it is a new dental insurance plan you may also have plan waiting periods. Dental insurance plans that do not have these types of limitations may have provider limitations making you stay within the plan network of dental providers.

Many plans may also limit the amount of one type of dental service you can have within the year. Common examples of this would be one set of X-rays per year, 2 basic cleaning (generally one every six months) However may times plans will limit the number of crowns you may be able to have such as five crowns per year

Another thing to keep in mind is that for the most part dentist do not base their decisions for treatment on what is or is not covered by your dental insurance plan. A dentist job is to be committed to taking care of your child’s teeth, not to worry about your dental insurance, so before dental services are render you should make sure you know what is covered by your plan and what is your cost. That way you avoid any surprises along the way

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