Share of Cost – Dental Discount Plans.

Sunday, Sep. 27th 2020 10:23 AM

Are dental discount plans good alternative to insurance?

In many states you maybe be able to buy a dental discount plan. It is important to know that a dental discount plan or also know as a dental savings plan are not insurance. They do as the name suggest helps you save money off your dental care needs at plan providers. Dentist that accept the discount plan you are review. with most discount plans you pay for all dental care services just at a reduce discounted cost. Preventive dental care typical being at a very low cost.

However, is it a good alternative to having an actual dental insurance? That can depend on the saving they are providing and whether or not their are dentist in the plan network you like to go to.

I would suggest comparing a dental discount plan with a dental HMO insurance plan. As they are the closest in regards to comparing more apples to apples. With and HMO Insurance plan it too will make you choose a dentist in the plan network. Like a discount plan there is no outside network. An HMO insurance plan is the lower cost Insurance option. Often times ranging around the same cost as a discount plan.

HMO insurance plan will typically lay out your cost for different dental care services on a very detail fee schedule so you will know your cost a head of time. Services not listed is typically not covered. A dentist discount plan is helpful in that services not listed will typically still receive around a 20 percent savings.

By comparing a discount plan to any available dental HMO’s plans in your state you will be able to determine what would work best for you. Keep in mind however, if you are trying to stay with a dental office and neither a discount plan or HMO insurance plan is accepted by that dental office then you would want to review a dental PPO insurance plan in order to stay with the dentist of your choice.

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