Share of Cost – Dental PPO in New York

Monday, Mar. 13th 2023 9:19 AM

Question: I have a dental PPO insurance plan and live in NY. I would like to know how do I know what the plans UCR fees are before having the dental services render because I keep getting hit by additional UCR cost (that I do not always have the money for) that I am unaware of at the time I have the dental service.

Answer: In order to budget dental service under a PPO plan and to avoid UCR or at least know what those charges would be a head of time, you must first have your dentist submit a claim quote only. If your dentist submits a claim as a quote only to your insurance company before starting the dental services, your insurance company will then be able to provide you with the amount they will pay on the services prior to you having the done. This way you will know the dollar amount of what you will be responsible for. Normally this is done for any dental services that exceeds $300.00. Just talk to your dentist and let him/her know this is how you like to have things done in the future.

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