Share of Cost – Waiting Periods

Sunday, Mar. 19th 2023 6:30 AM

Question: I want to stay with our family dentist but his office does not accept anything other then PPO insurance plans. I am okay with getting a dental PPO plans and have been reviewing the PPO options you provide on this website. However what I do not like are the waiting periods. Are waiting periods common in PPO plans? Or is there some way around them.

Answer: Generally PPO plans will have waiting periods common waiting periods are as follows:

  • No waiting periods for preventive dental care
  • Six months waiting period for Basic dental care needs (such as fillings)
  • One year waiting period for Major dental care needs (such as crowns)

However waiting periods will very depending on the plan. There are some PPO insurance plans that do not have waiting periods. Such as the Madison National with the 1000 maximum limitation. (check to see if that plan is available in your state on our website)

A few dental PPO plans will wave their waiting periods but only if you have a current PPO plan in place for longer then their waiting periods. Though even then there may be some restrictions.

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