Share of Cost – Dental Cleaning

Thursday, Jun. 15th 2023 6:13 AM

Can I cut back to one cleaning a year?

Question: Right now I do not have insurance and having twice a year cleaning’s do not seem all that important since I do have good teeth can I cut back to just having a check up and cleaning one a year?

Answer: If you do not have any serious dental issues, you can probably get by with one cleaning annually. According to several studies, they have indicated that visiting the dentist twice a year has no notable benefits when compared with a single visit annually.

However, do not skip that annual cleaning and exam it could save you from costly and serious problems. Also talk to your current dentist and see what he/she advise. I would additional suggest that you look into getting dental insurance. Not only will dental insurance save you money on your dental care needs but most plan provide for twice a year check ups and cleans at little to no cost.

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