Seniors Oral and Dental Hygiene –

Sunday, Apr. 17th 2022 10:17 AM

Regardless of age daily brushing and flossing is essential in order to keep them in good dental health. Plaque can quickly build up on the teeth of seniors, this is especially true if oral hygiene is neglected and lead to tooth decay as well as gum disease.

Some seniors can run a higher risk of poor dental hygiene due to health, medication and other age factor limitations. In order for anyone to maintain good oral health it is important to maintain proper dental health care habits.

* Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste containing fluoride. Some seniors may have difficult time brushing and flossing their teeth if they suffer from arthritis or another condition that limits movement. In cases like that, try using an electric toothbrush, with rotating-oscillating bristles, which are effective at removing plaque and preventing gum disease.

* Floss at least once a day. If floss is too difficult to work with, try a floss pick or tiny brushes made to clean between teeth.

* Use an antibacterial mouth rinse so that you can reduce bacteria that cause plaque and gum disease.

* Visit your dentist on regularly for check up and cleanings. Some seniors may find this hard if they are not driving or can not drive. Therefore try to find a very local dental office as to make it easier to get to and from.  There are some senior assistance programs that drive seniors to their doctors appointments, so check to see if they also drive to dental appointments.  If you can see if there is a dentist within the same building as your doctors so that you can book appointment on the same day. You may also a dentist that still makes limited house calls for seniors.

Although it can be difficult for some seniors to maintain good dental hygiene habits, it stills needs to be done.  Studies show that your oral health is linked to many overall health care issues.  Therefore having poor oral health can effective you overall wellness.

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