Affordable Dental Insurance – Share of Cost

Saturday, Sep. 9th 2023 6:14 AM

Question: I am looking for dental insurance where I am not paying for my dental services in full to my dentist then having to wait to get my money back from the dental insurance company. Right now that is how my current dental insurance works. I am willing to drop that plan although it does pay out well so that I am not having to foot the complete bill just to get my dental services done. What type of plan will let me do that?

Answer: A dental HMO insurance plan is the type of plan, you may want to review if you want to get dental insurance were you are not filing dental claim, and where you pay the amount shown for dental services within the plan. Dental HMO are fee based plans, showing you your cost for all the different dental services covered under that plan. This type of plan lets you know what your cost for each service covered. You do not have to file claims because the dentist is charging you based on the fee schedule.

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