Need low costs dental service for major dental care

Friday, Sep. 15th 2023 6:21 AM

Where can I go to get dental implant work done at a low cost? I do not have dental insurance and a dental discount plan is not cutting it for me. I bought a discount plan thinking it may help and it not like I did not get any discount savings, it is just was not enough. With what the dentist told me I needed, even with the 20 percent discount they said they were giving me under my discount plan, I could still never afford to have the dental implants done. I am not putting the plan down it just does not work for me. Where can I go to either get free to low cost dental work done?

Reply: Finding an insurance plan that cover for dental implants may be very difficult since most dental insurance plans do not provide benefits on the cost of implants at this time. Receiving a 20% savings on the cost of dental implants under a discount plan is about average so I do not think you will find a higher percentage with any other discount plan at least for the dental implant services. I would suggest going to a dental school or clinic for lower cost dental care services they will normally base their cost to some degree on what you can afford to pay. Yet as far as dental implants I am not sure they provide implant services and if they do you want to make sure on cost as I can not see them providing it for free.

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