Affordable Dental Care for Crowns – Share of Cost

Monday, Sep. 18th 2023 6:23 AM

I do not have dental insurance and I live out here in OK. I need two dental crowns for my teeth. I was also told that I should have a small cavity filled before it becomes a bigger issue. I just do not have the money needed. My dentist quoted me 2875.00 for two crowns and fillings. Where can I go to get the dental work need for half that cost. Because that is about all the extra money I have right now to spend on my teeth care. Please advise or give suggestions.

Reply: You may want to review either any dental discount plan options or HMO insurance plan options that are available to you in your State. Both of this options are lower cost plans, but more importantly they do not have waiting periods for the dental care services you current need. Now whether or not they are half the cost that you are getting quoted for on not I can not say you would need to review each plan and see which you feel best fits your needs. But both plan types to help to reduce your dental care cost compared to not having anything.

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